Tongues of the Bible

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Tongues of the Bible


Tongues is The most misunderstood and misused gift of the New Testament.

When this subject is mentioned most people think immediately of the other tongues mention in Acts 2 that were heard from the upper room when the dwellers of the upper room were FILLED with the Holy Ghost/Spirit.  The New Testament mentions four kinds of tongues and The Gift of Tongues. Two of them were manifested in the upper room experience.  The four kinds of tongues are:1.Cloven 2.Other 3.New and 4.Unknown.  Each has it’s purpose and will be used by The Holy Spirit for the benefit of an individual or a group of people.

I.                   Cloven Tongues:

“Tongue-shaped, flame-like appearances, rising from a common center or root, and resting upon each of that large company:-beautiful visible symbol of the burning energy of the Spirit now descending in all His plenitude upon the Church, and about to pour itself through every tongue, and over every tribe of men under heaven!”(Jameson, Fausset &Brown Commentary). This was a onetime event seen only by those present in the Upper room when The Holy Spirit filled each one of them (Acts 2:3-5)

II. Other Tongues: The unlearned languages given by The Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. (Acts 2:5-8).

III. .New Tongues: Very close to Other but given  by The Holy Spirit to individual believers to benefit a person of another language. Very  often given to missionaries when they first go into a foreign country. Also given to believers to witness to others of foreign decent that may be encountered at work, school or other public places or meetings.

IV. Unknown Tongues:  This tongue is given by the Holy Spirit to individual believers.  If it comes publicly to benefit the body an interpreter will be present and come forth. (I Cor. 14:27-28 The Unknown tongue is primarily for a believers self edification  (I Cor. 14:4a) and  communication with God.(I  Cor. 14:1-2)


Tongues should  be active within the believers life and within the church but if they are misused and abused they can be a hindrance to the spiritual and numerical growth of the church.  Allow The Holy Spirit to use your life and your speech to glorify God and be a blessing to others

V. The Gift of Tongues: The gift of Tongues will be given by  The Holy Spirit in either of the four types and. is “for a sign  to them that believe not.” (I Cor. 14:22)  To exercise the gift when unbelievers are not present would be exercising the gift above the purpose for which it was given. If used like this it is not inspired by The Holy Spirit There are those that believe  speaking in tongues is the sign that verifies to believers that  you have been saved.  This is Not supported in Scripture.



Rev. George Pryor Th. M.