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You should know the difference in

Religion & Christianity

Before the difference between religion and Christianity is explored, let me first define the two terms.


Religion can be defined as; as a system of attitudes and beliefs in anything. It can be a belief in The Almighty God, other gods or no god. usually expressed in conduct and ritual. or any specific system of belief and or worship, often involving a code of ethics.


Christianity is also a religion but it is much more. True Christianity is not just a religion, but it is having a right relationship with God by receiving Jesus Christ as the Savior-Messiah, by grace through faith ONLY. Yes, Christianity does have rituals to observe (e.g. water baptism and communion). Yes, Christianity does have rules to follow (e.g. do not murder, commit adultery, lie, steal, etc.). However, these rituals and rules are not the essence of Christianity. The rituals and rules of Christianity are the result of True Christianity. When a person receives salvation through Jesus Christ, he/she is baptized in water as a proclamation of that faith. He/she then observes communion in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice. He/she follows a list of dos and dont's out of love for God and gratitude for what He has done for them.

The most common misconception about Christianity is that; it is just another religion like Islam, Judaism, Hinduism Mormanism, etc. Sadly, many who claim to be adherents of Christianity do practice Christianity as if it were just another religion. To many, Christianity is nothing more than a set of rules and rituals that a person has to observe in order to go to Heaven after death. That is not True Christianity.

True Christianity is possessing the Holy Spirit of God as a result of receiving salvation through Jesus Christ. True Christianity produces the visible fruit of  the Holy Spirit in a person’s life: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). What religion and Christianity do have in common is that they both can be false methods of having a relationship with God. Religion tends to substitute the heartless observance of rituals for a genuine relationship with God. Christianity on the other hand

tends to substitute connection with a church for a genuine relationship with God. Both can be, and often are, false paths to God. At the same time, religion can be valuable in the Christianity sense that it points to the fact that there is a God, and we are held accountable to Him. Rom. 14:12 The only true value of religion is its ability to point out that we have all fallen short of the Glory of God, and are in need of a Savior. It can also be valuable in that it points out that the physical world is not all there is. Human beings are not only material, but also are comprised of a soul and spirit. There is a spiritual world around us of which we should be aware. The true value of Christianity is that it connects us to Jesus Christ who is the fulfillment of both religion and Christianity.

Jesus is the Only One to whom we are accountable. Not all religions point to Him . Jesus is the One to whom we need to connect. Only through True Christianity can it be done. He is the only way to Salvation. Acts 4:12

By Rev. George Pryor Th.M.