Spirit led Forgiveness

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 This is perhaps the most difficult of all to deal with.  This forgiveness is not the forgiveness of  someone that has wronged you but you asking someone else that you have harmed by words or wrong doings to them and you conclude that you were wrong and ask them to forgive you.  I believe this type of forgiveness  is keeping more people from having power with God than any
other thing.  It may not be an easy thing to;
to live in sweet fellowship ..with all those' with whom we come in contact with; but that is what the grace of God gave to the World through His Son , Jesus The disciples’ prayer is a good test of sonship; if we can
pray it all from the heart we have good reason to think that  we have been born of God. “ No man can call God Farther but by the Spirit.”  Though this prayer has been such a blessing to the world, I believe it has also  been a great snare.  Many stumble over it into perdition.  They
do not weigh its meaning, nor take its facts right into their hearts. I have no sympathy with the idea of universal sonship, that all men are the sons of God.
The Bible teaches very plainly that we are adopted into the family of God.  If all were automatically  sons God would not need to adopt any and Jesus died in vain. We are all God’s by creation; but when people teach that any man can say, “Our Father

which art in heaven,” whether he or she  is born of God or not,



I think that it is contrary to Scripture.

to believe that all are led by the Spirit of God and they are thesonsofGod.
Son ship in the family of God is only the privilege of the believer (Jn. 1:12)

 “In this,  the children of God are manifest”, says the Apostle John.(1Jn. 3:10a) If we are doing the will of God,  that is a very good sign that we are born of God. If we have no desire to do His will, how can we call God  Our Father ?

Another thing; We should not  pray for is for God’s kingdom to come until, we are sure that we are in it. If we pray for; the coming of God’s kingdom while we are  rebelling against Him, we are only seeking Our own condemnation. Man only really wants God’s will to be done if he is  being obedient to Him.  If we pray “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass -against us.” We must meet the standards set by Jesus. This is the only part of the
prayer that Christ explained.

He said “If we forgive men their trespasses, our heavenly
Father will also forgive us, but if ye forgive not
men their trespasses and ask forgiveness for ours it will not happen.”






 No one can enter into God’s Kingdom except through the door of forgiveness.  I do not know of any indication of anyone making it in any other way.

I believe this the spirit of forgiveness in both directions.

If there is some one who has an aught against yon, or that you have wronged go at once, and be reconciled. If you have an aught against anyone, write to them a letter, telling them that you want forgiveness for the wrong you did to  them, and get this thing off your con-
science. You will feel so much lighter you may think you just lost another10 unwanted pounds