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The purpose of this page is to let You know who You are dealing with and listening to. I have been an Ordained Minister for over 40 years and have served the Lord faithfully during those years as an Usher, adult Sunday School Teacher, Youth Minister, Associate Pastor and almost 10 years as a Senior Pastor. I'm an Evangelical Christian. Over the years a Masters Degree in Theology was acquired to add mans requirement to God's Revelation in an effort to be better equipped to do my job of ministry. In 2002 a series of events came into my life that unexpectedly caused me to have to go into retirement. All of a sudden As the result of an unexpected stroke I was not able to carry the mental and physical stress of a Senior Pastor any longer. It became hard to do many of the things that in the past had been so easy for me. Some of my functions were effected but the Lord left my mind and my speech un affected, Was left with bad short term memory but can think clearly. I have used the past few years doing what I like most and that is the study of Godís word and itís application in daily life. In my study and research I have found much misunderstanding and error about Godís word, much heresy and Much False doctrine is floating around in print, on radio, TV and the Internet. One can easily be misled. The issue of baptism became a big concern of mine so I decided to write what I feel is the truth about it as I understand the Bible. Rev. George Pryor Th.M.